Students too fat, too much cat food

Hedgehogs in Scotland have recently been put on a diet. According to the report, the hedgehogs are too fat to roll themselves into to a ball. My Middle school students are, by Korean standards not over weight, with a few exceptions. Though I think that they’ve been hitting the ‘cat food’ too much, as they’re desperately un-fit.

I found this fact out when I, another Korean teacher and half of the first grade were sent on a field trip to Cheong-ju. Later we went to Sangdang Sanseong. Quite literally, Mountain fortress. The task was to walk the circumference of the fortifications. It is a popular walking track, with the par for this course, 1 hour. 90 minutes later, I was still trying urge the students on. I had started as tail-end charlie, but the Korean teacher had promoted me to point man. The students were going too slow, and needed motivation by him.

I blame too much of sitting in a classroom, followed by more sitting in hagwons, followed by even more sitting at a computer playing games…

These guys were basically struggling to make the grade, literally.

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  1. Nice hike out there anyway, was it?

    • The actual route was quite scenic. I didn’t have my walking shoes on, but instead a new set of kiks. I’d say they’re broken in now since they are now dirty with mud.

      You can really tell who the morons and the motivated students are. The morons needed constant urging to move, while the motivated ones just got on with it, once they settled in.

      Even once we had all gotten on the bus there were two students were still missing. Not to mention the ones that I headed off stating that they wanted to go to the toilet. They had 20 minutes after the walk, and before they got on the bus. Can they be any more stupid? The idea was to get back to school, not to hang around in the car park. It just amazes me how much Korean school kids (and even some adults) lack initiative.

      • Why is the NET having to be school sheepdog anyway? Surely, it’s the job of the local border collies. Or is this an example of the way EPIK has changed since I was doing it?

      • “Article 7 (Work place) 1. The employee shall work at any locations(s) designated by the employer.

        …may include but are not limited to schools, Chungcheong Office of Education, training centers or any other educational institutions… ”

        Sounds like a license to send them anywhere.

        Still, this field trip wasn’t all that bad, just marred by the incredibly dense kids in attendance.

      • I was though referring to *what* they were making you do rather than where they were making you do it. Going along on a field trip is one thing – gets you out of the school for a change and you’re doing your job by talking with kids along the way. But if they’re getting you to round up the nation’s future gas station attendants – as long as they don’t go missing on your watch, is what I’m getting at. Shouldn’t be your problem.

      • They couldn’t possibly get lost, it was a circular routing. What I was doing was the same job as the Korean teacher; urging some of the more dense kids around the course. Most of them were fine, just a miscreant few. For all of the students, I think it was a shock to the system.

      • Fair enough. Maybe an actual sheepdog might’ve been the solution. Or a cattle prod.

      • Cattle prod.

        The dense students really are dense.

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