China New Year, welcome to Sarajevo, 1992

Arms dealer, Shenyang style

If ever you wanted to experience the sounds and smells of a battlefield, then CNY, possibly anywhere in China would do it. The apartment where Jiang’s parents live is a group of buildings clustered around in a citadel arrangement. The noise was papable, through my thick winter jacket. Car alarms blare unchecked because the concussions from the fireworks set the bump sensors off.

One pair, a father and son were letting off fireworks. The father was letting off minature moon rockets. Unlike the Saturn V rockets these exploded at their apex. The eight year old son, was frightened by the loud report from the rocket exploding. I think the father was having more fun than the son was.

I could smell the cordite from the burnt fireworks. Some of these fireworks are fucking enormous. The bigger the bang, the better it is to scare the evil spiirts away that have been lingering for a year. This is why when there’s an accident at a fireworks factory, it’s a big one.

The seige of Sarajevo, 1992.