Car tart, turn town bike

It looks like GM Daewoo will try to sell anything with wheels. Even two wheels. I’d love to see them try to ‘tart’ these ones up.

4 Responses

  1. When they come out with a line of rollerblades, you’ll know they’re taking the piss.

    • Gah! It’s completely untoward for a car company to start marketing bicycles. It would mean getting people out of their cars. I could see it as some marketing ploy, buy a car for yourself, your kiddie gets a free bicycle.

      • Yeah, but I’d rather see more people on bikes and less bloody cars on the road, like the Daewoo Chairman or the Hyundai Pretentia or the Kia ‘Look How Wealthy I Am’ Tosspot GX, or whatever they’re called. You know the ones I mean, those cars that need to be taken to the car wash every week to wipe off all the residue of the owner’s desperate self-importance. I guess the Western equivalent would be all those middle-class suburban dwelling idiots with overpriced 4WDs, kitted out for a drive through the Andes, but never actually going any further than the local KFC.

      • Bloody right you are. It’s all about status innit?

        One of the McD’s in Lower Hutt over looks an intersection and I seen while eating my Big Mac some guy in an 4WD do a u-turn. Nothing out of the ordinary, except he managed to mount the footpath since the curb was so low. Too much money, too little brains; not to mention the lack of respect.

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