Street signs, safe from invasion?

Seen recently on the lamp posts of my town, street signs indicated which street it is. In World war 2 Britain removed all of it’s sign posts to prevent the invading Germans from knowing where they were.

Could it be taken that a re-introduction of street signs means an easing of tension (between the North and South Koreas), or just that the local council has money left over and it’s nearing the end of the fiscal year?

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  1. I don’t believe I have ever seen a street in Korea. This is new to me.

    • These street signs sort of just appeared one day. They’re new to me too. Without any more info, why they were put up remains, and probably will remain a mystery.

      • Signposts down in the South, in Sunchang. Not in Jangsu, though, on my recent visit they were there, but not upgraded.
        Could be more money, or maybe the city council just doesn’t think the threat of North Korea is serious anymore.

      • I suspect that the local council has some money left over. In addition to that, the local council also sent some rice to NK. Interesting, no?

  2. Yes. 2 nations at war, which is the situation presented to the world (not just the west).’Dae Hanminguk’ is getting tiring even with the council signing up for it.

    • Yeah, I guess you could say that they’re getting sick of it. They did send rice to North Korea. Tired and even sympathetic.

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