Pineapple lumps, well travelled

Without any research, I would say that Pineapple lumps are unique to New Zealand. In fact, it is one of the few remaining icons in “lollie land” that are left. Just recently Cadburys New Zealand discontinued the sweet lines of Jaffas, Sniffters and Tangy fruits.

Whenever I went to the movies, I always used to prefer Snifters. Ahem, when the movies had an intermission that is.

A lone pineapple lump was found at the bottom of my shopping bag, had survived the trip from New Zealand, Shanghai, South Korea and then onto the void. It has since found a home.

Good-bye lollies.

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  1. Haven’t had these, but if they’re nougat-style pineapple lumps, I had something similar in Hong Kong – although they were actually from Taiwan.

    What? They’re discontinuing Jaffas in NZ? What the hell?!

    • Yes, discontinued. An absolute outrage amongst the consumers. Just another sign that Cudbury’s wasn’t doing too well financially. The pineapple lumps didn’t have a nougat inner, more a firm mashmallow type filling.

  2. This thing I had was halfway between the two, like a hideous unplanned interbreeding in a back room between a nougat and a marshmallow it had just met after too much champagne at a friend’s wedding. Anyway, it wasn’t covered in chocolate like the Kraft – sorry, Cadbury version.

    The loss of Jaffas is just unforgiveable. One of my all-time favourite snacks in movie theatres and almost as iconic in snackfood stature as pepero is to Koreans. Well ok, there wasn’t ever a ‘Jaffa Day’, but there bloody should have been.

    • The word ‘Jaffa’ does however live on in the derogative acronym, JAFA, or Just Another F***ing Aucklander.

      Another Jaffa memory is that I receieved my PDA (from NZ) and, enclosed in the packaging were a small supermarket sized bag of jaffas from my Mother. This after being told not to put anything into the box. Thank godness for mums!

  3. Indeed, there’s a whole Wikipedia entry on it –

    Love the references to Auckland as Jafistan and an Aucklander a Jafistani. One of Brisbane’s nicknames is Brisbekistan.

    Anyway, it’s still far less offensive than the old Australian jaffa-related joke involving Aborigines, which I won’t recount as it very rightly doesn’t need to be perpetuated.

    • A JAFA day in New Zealand would have saved Jaffas, but have never been accepted. That sort of commercialism wouldn’t be accepted.

      The statistic for Cadbury’s NZ is that Easter is their biggest day.

      • Well of course a ‘JAFA’ day wouldn’t be accepted, because it’s offensive to Aucklanders, not because of the commercialisation. ‘Pepero’ doesn’t mean ‘Seoulites Are A Bunch Of Wankers’ in Korean. If people wouldn’t accept the commercial aspect, then they wouldn’t be buying chocolate bunnies at Easter (which has no connection with it whatsoever), or indeed overpriced chocolate at Valentines Day. Having said that, I wouldn’t pick jaffas as they aren’t uniquely Kiwi. Pineapple lumps on the other hand…

  4. The acronym, JAFA is popularised, and even accepted in NZ. My opinion is that JAFA day would be honouring Aucklanders, which is wrong. And the commercialism of it Kiwis just won’t wear; “It’s JAFA day, give your favourite Aucklander a pack of Jaffas”. Nah.

    Well established Pagan festivals (Easter & Christmas) we can wear though since they are amongst the pop culture. Accepted because there’s an established reason.

    • Agreed, but they too began somewhere. The addition of chocolate to Easter was only in the last few centuries, and I bet there were people at the time complaining about it’s commercial exploitation. To which the marketers of the time replied with ‘Shut up! Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!’ Now it’s accepted as being well-established. The passage of time and the marketing of a successful product.

      But you know, I’ve been thinking more about JAFA Day, and here’s why I think it wouldn’t work.
      – The ‘F’ in JAFA – it’s not something Hallmark could put in their JAFA Day greetings cards, nor is it something Kraft – sorry, Cadbury, could stick on their Jaffa boxes. Not until Hallmark introduce their ‘Merry Fucking Christmas’ line anyway.

      – It’s too provincial. It’s just about Auckland. Why people on Stewart Island care? ‘God, bad enough those yuppy bastards live up there – now we have to spend money celebrating the fact!’

      – Jaffas don’t have the widespread appeal of regular chocolate. Not unless you brought out other varieties without the orange coating. ‘New Naked Jaffas! Yes, it’s the all-chocolate jaffa alternative without the pesky orange shell!’

      My point at the end of the day is not about JAFA Day. I agree it wouldn’t work, but if you picked a bigger and more significant event from the country’s history, added some kind of schmalty sentimentality to it and associated with some kind of chocolate product that you marketed aggressively to kids, it’d work.

      Sure, we won’t be seeing any chocolate Wahine boats anytime soon (‘Cadbury Wahines – Sink One Down Your Throat Today’), but people aren’t immune to commercial exploitation when it’s marketed well.

      Am I putting too much thought into this?

      • Quite a bit of cogent thought, but not enough historical research behind it.

        ‘Cadbury Wahines’; that my son would go down the the Titanic. Pun intended. The Wahine disaster is still an emotive subject. Though only 51 people drowned in the event, you’d still have (alot of) people up in arms about it.

        Jaffas has a lot of emotive attachment to them, and, NZ advertising executives target specific sectors of the market. For example, the chocolate in Jaffas, lets face it, was just crap. If you could make it more luxurious, like dark chocolate cores or a ‘power Jaffa’ like those really sour lollies, that might re-ignite interest for manufacture.

        But face value, Jaffas have always been seen as lollies eaten in the childhoods of the 25yo plus sector. Generations X and Y.

        As for JAFA day, it’s just untenable and simply unjustifiyable. As you said, it only covers Auckland.

  5. You guys crack me up.

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