Sorry Bob, it’s The Village People

Songs have so many uses in EFL, in my case it was selecting lyrics within the song and using them as a base for a lesson on the present continuous.

After having written out a rough lesson plan, I showed the lyrics to the song to my co-teacher. This is when the trouble started. After having thought about some of the lyrics referring to Sodom and Gomorrah, she said the song is too boring, and went on to suggest an alternative,  YMCA by the Village People.

Excuse me for trying to raise the bar here. Everytime we played the YMCA video I just couldn’t help thinking to myself, “they cannot be any more camp if they tried”. Still, they had a good run, and even put out a movie in the early 80’s. Which I got to see by the way. All I can remember of it though was the black guy climbing through someones window.

8 Responses

  1. At least with YMCA, it’s a song they can go find at a noraebang after you’ve taught it to them.

    • I could do either. To which I’d go as far as saying Bob Dylan’s voice is easier to immitate than the black guys from The Village people.

  2. To which I can’t help but be reminded of this:

    • Ha! I’ve seen that you tube video before. It’s bang on I’d say. Dylan’s voice does lend to easy caricatures.

  3. Western pop songs and english language learning, I think pop has its own regional-specific Simon Cowell industry! Simple Beatles etc work. Petula Clark’s ‘Downtown’ has some pizzaz.

  4. Sorry, I don’t really follow American idol. Sadly pizzaz is something I was not looking for, (but instead got the Village people), just something with the right target language.

    With Jokerman, the elements of lyrics and interest didn’t come together.

    The trouble is the KET has to explain the meaning of the song, right before they sing it. Trouble with explaining what the song Jokerman means is difficult even in English.

    Can you image a class full of ELI2 learners singing like Bob Dylan?

  5. I’d like to hear it! Wouldn’t pay to hear it mind..
    As the lead singer of ‘Manfred Man’ got laughed at for saying re Bob: “Great songs, shame about the singer”!
    Former Aus Pm Howard went even more oddball on Bob: “Bob Dylan is my favourite singer. I like the music not the lyrics.”

  6. Or maybe hear it from Aussie PM Jon Howard! Seen busking the song with his guitar.

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