Gaming on a stuffed lappie, had no money

When my friend (CB) visited Korea a few weeks ago, the question came up of what computer games I was playing recently. My reply was two games, that he’d sent me when I first came to Korea in 2005.  It’s a long story, but over that medium we actually got to know each other. He actually laughed when I told him. These games a re a bit dated, but classics none the less.

They are subsequently, Command and Conquer: Generals, Zero hour add-on and Return to castle Wolfenstein.

In my defence, I would cite that I was playing them on an aged computer, and the games matched the ability of that laptop. In trying to find a link for the product, all I found were websites for parts; nothing stays new with regards to computers.  It’s only been recently that I’ve bought another laptop. I have no games worthy of the new laptop, for many reasons, one of which being money.

Footnote: Command and Conquer: Generals edition is banned in China. As in the game it portraits China as a war-farring nation.