English test, bit-part voice actor

As part of the English department at an Elementary school, I’m frequently thrust into speaking parts for the English listening tests. Roles that range from 12 year old son, confused student to outright stranger asking what the time is.

The KET also has her part by introducing the question number. I have to admit she sounds really good. Good enough to be a Disk jockey on the radio. I’d listen for my cue, while trying not to fall asleep. It can be strangely soporiphic at times.

This school, (the one with the musical loo) has ultra swanky kit. Just the other day they bought an LCD TV monitor so that they could view the playback on the video camera. Which, by the way, they will start using it to record short segments for broadcast around the school. It’s not worth calling in sick for, but I think I had better take more care of my grooming.