Kim-chi, too much of a good thing

Kim-chi is Koreas’ signature dish. No meal is complete without it.

If you remove the spice component of the dish then you get something closely resembling saurkraut. Both of which are ferrmented products, caused by lactic acid bacteria.

It’s actually the time of year that Kim-chi is made, by the mothers and daughters throughout Korea. More about making Kim-chi and the surrounding culture can be found here.

It all sort of ties in well with the market place days that occur in country towns. Here, people come out and try to hawk off the goods they have. You could get everything from out-of-style clothing to food that is literally grown by the stall owner. Yes, very homely.

I used to eat a lot of kim-chi. Too much makes me itch, makes me break out in hives and generally makes me feel unconfortable. Much too much gives me the shits. No wonder. It’s the body’s way of rejecting something that it doesn’t like.

2 Responses

  1. I did not know there was fermented fish in Kim chi. No wonder it has a unique pungency.

    • Some of the recipes do require anchovie to be added. The pungency comes from essentially rotting cabbage. This despite the ‘preservation’ from fermentation. šŸ˜¦

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