Big steps, usually in the wrong direction

Seen recently on the subway stairs in Seoul are arrows to and from the subway train. The poster states “for safe and convenient travel, use the right side.” The poster is so far estranged from reality it’s pathetic. On closer examination, I see a Victorian gent, a businessman, a musketeer, even Albert Einstein on his way to the patent office. But no stereo-typical Asian characters. Maybe Koreans are afraid of seeing themselves on a poster.

Everyone moving in sync would be great, but given the culture it might be considered a sign of a fascist state or like in the novel, The Wave, which I read in High school. If the Koreans think it as that way (as being bad), then they’ll definitely reject it. Korea was more or less, under military rule for over twenty years since the end of the Korean war, getting democracy around 1980.

I’m not convinced that people read or care to take heed of the advice, for lots of reasons. But usually it’s the culture first (meaning me first and fuck the rest) mindset. It is supposed to be the same side as the road as when they drive. summarily almost anything that the Government says is ignored as being benign, or if it intrudes into their lifestyle too much, they protest with almost no sway in the opinion of the government.

I suppose that this sort of thing will make dashing for the train easier, providing that you have well-ordered lines that is. Whenever I see people running for the train, I make a note of steering clear. Smiling as I do. I’ve done it before too.