Vote for me, how bizarre!

Electioneering in Korea is a rather odd combination of raising their respective profile while having absolutely no substance at all. Electees have party faithfull members to stand around on corners to bow at cars. Think of them as groupies from a rock band. The only fault with this analogy is that these groupies are middle aged women with nothing to do but to stand around and …bow at cars. And a message for the pundits? None at all, even foreigners are allowed to vote. Just this once, I’m glad I don’t understand Korean.

7 Responses

  1. I’ve been told the Koreans got their election campaigning style from the Japanese during occupation – vans driving past plastered with the candidates face blaring out election promises, candidate boosters being annoying on the streets, etc. And I do mean ANNOYING.

    • Hehe. So much for the “soft sell”. But thinking about it, it does fit in with their culture and mode of operation. As for the groupies, they’re easy to ignore.

      Would they be less annoying if they were attractively attired?

  2. Only if they then exploded all over the pavement and ravens came to scoop up the remains. I don’t think I’d find that the least bit annoying, actually.

  3. Okay, so it’s a question of noise pollution.

    Ever seen the movie Scanners? It’s very appropiate to your comment.

  4. Haven’t seen it, but as a fan of Cronenberg’s ‘Videodrome’ (and ‘Existenz’ was ok too), I probably should.

    • I’ve seen Existenz not a bad plot line, an interesting concept overall, but let down by bad special effects and even worse acting and scripting.

  5. I think it was the last time I ever saw Jennifer Jason Leigh, doing for Existenz what Jennifer Lopez did for The Cell a year later.

    Videodrome’s the one to watch. Experimental video effects (circa 1983), Deborah Harry at her peak, and a telling commentary on people’s dependent relationship with television – equally applying to the internet today.

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