Clean hands, inconsequential to H1N1

Koreans, I’ve seen never, ever cover their nose or mouth when they sneeze. Until recently that is. All that hoop-la about cleaning your hands isn’t doing nuts for the Swine flu situation. Only just this week, I’ve had my timetable disrupted, with one extra class and a speech contest cancelled. Real consequences; students have probably had the week off.

I caught a cold due to other things. My hands are sparkling clean. The only downside to all this is that my temperature hasn’t hit the critical threshold of 37.6 degrees Celsius. No sick day off, only rivers of snot flowing out from within. Where’s my day off?

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  1. Update: I got my temperature checked just now, and it remains a disappointing 36.2 degrees celcius.

  2. Oh yes, damn, my body temperature’s still nowhere near that of Lake Rotomahana – life is SO unfair! Bugger that – save your sick days for when you’re well.

  3. I went to hospital to get some meds for a slight chest infection. If I don’t nip it in the bud now, it’ll come back later and bit me in the ass. Hospitals are now really quite wary now of H1N1. Anyone with a cold or flu is treated with suspicion.

    I turn up there, sweat pouring off me. I was wearing thermal underwear and a jacket at the time. It’s no wonder once I’d said I was here for my cold they bunged me into this small side room outside. I must have looked like shit.

    Aside from the runny nose, I don’t feel any bit sickly. I expect that they will demand that I come in when I really am feeling like two day old dog poo that’s been trodden on.

  4. Well, my wife was telling me that two of the kids at her elementary school have been struck down with the swine flu and that 5 elementary school kids have died from it (nationwide, I presume). So it’s the real deal. But yeah, I’m sure your cold is just bog-standard like mine.

    • Yeah, one of the kiddies is/was from the province I work in. Serious stuff.

      I’m currently taking meds for the secondary infection that I have. I can just imagine the bacteria being lysed, burst like balloons, inside me by the medicine I took. Hehehe

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