CLT preferred method for thinking inside the box

Korea education is, of course different to that found in Western countries, but, not that undifferent to that of China or Japan. You could say it’s an Asian thing. Whereas in NZ you are constantly challenged to think outside of the common solution. In Korea it very much is a good dose of verbatim regurgitation. It’s no wonder that degrees gained from Korean univeristies are not held in any regard at all.

But that’s not the point of this entry. The picture above is part of a screen shot from an interactive from a CD-ROM for Elementary schoolers, of about 11-12 years of age. This is them learning a language (English) by the verbatim regurgitation method, or more precisely, the Communicative language method.

Thinking creatively, how many different pieces of dialogue can you write for the picture above?

6 Responses

  1. “It’s just as well your head is inordinately large for your body, Steve, or you’d have a hell of a time balancing that orange and lime jelly on top of it!”

  2. Oh Gawd, are they still using those muppets, Min-ho and what are the others?!

  3. Sadly, yes.

    Thank your lucky stars that this post is without sound; it would’ve been worse if it had.

    They are: Min-ho, Mi-na, Julie, (Fat) Tony and a cast odd looking strangers.

  4. The original dialogue is “Is that your cap?”, since the lesson lies on asking about and replying to questions of ownership.

    My answer is: “Of course it is, get your finger outta my face!”

    Or to put an even lamer spin on the question:

    “Is that your brain?”

  5. The textbook must be tried and true effective after research by the Korean Ministry of Education!…NOT, since it doesn’t appear to have been advanced beyond its first edition which i encountered.

  6. The textbook is best taught by a KET, but a NET can teach it with about 90% understanding.

    Lots of cultural things get in the way of them excelling at English; they study hard enough to be world beaters yet acheive very little.

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