The day I went to High school, World War 3 kicked off

This was a major flyby, with the initial jets flying over in a nice Vic formation followed the last four aircraft in a compressed 4-finger formation. Just one thing to note, this was more like logistical movement from A to B as the aircraft were flying within sight of each other. If it were combat, they would be spread over a matter of kilometres, covering as much airspace as possible.

Being an avid plane watcher this was better than Christmas, you couldn’t buy what I’ve seen. Piecing it all together, the aircraft were a powder grey colour, in a clean aircraft configuration. Still, F-15s can fly pretty far without drop tanks. I stood there leaning out the window for at least 10 minutes. My high schoolers, who were waiting for the class to start, managed to leave the room despite of me being just outside the door. I was that enamoured with what was flying overhead.

I can only guess that the -15s were American, or heaven forbid, Japanese. It would be worse for the Koreans than North Korea invading. The Korean air force does own F-15’s but not that many of them. I’d say only two squadrons, but of the fighter-bomber type. That would make them a dark grey instead of a light, powder grey.

Other aircraft were flying (fluttering) around too. A twin rotor helicopter noisily flew by, while two helicopters hovered in the far distance. Yesterday, Blackhawk helicopters fluttered by while my teachers and I played volleyball outside. So many aircraft, you would think world war three had kicked off, or, maybe the Korean War had re-started, or even they’ve got war games on, which I think is the most likely choice.

Not the right setting, but it is an idea of what went on (above).

4 Responses

  1. Don Jase, salu! Top photo.

  2. I wish it were my photo, but I didn’t take it. I purloined it from wiki.

  3. No worries, the President Ford flyover? Do Americans really do this all the time with their Air Force?!

    • Apparently yes. With any ceremony there’s symbolism. The a lone F-15 in the front and bringing up the rear, the missing man formation.

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