Potty break, I’ll have a brass band playing if you don’t mind

This toilet was different. I know I might be blogging way too much about the little persons’ room, but… well, I have no explaination. Loos for me are supposed to be clean, well build and not smelly. Seeing as this one was for the staff and was built very recently it was all of the above. It even had toilet paper, which in Korea is a bonus and not arbitary. The odd thing was, after sitting down on the heated toilet seat, I realised they had music piped through a speaker in the ceiling. It was straight elevator music.

Dude, WTF? The principal of this school is an out and out bureaucrat. He obviously had spare cash left over from installing the lift in the building. (It’s for the disabled students I hear). Not that it’s a conincidence that his office is also on the second floor. I know for a fact that in Japan spending a penny is done quietly they and they even have dedicated devices to mask the sound of peeing on China porcelin. This may be a coincidence. I’ll have to make a note of finding the source of the music and changing the playlist. Maybe to a more contempary genre like heavy metal or even some classical music.

4 Responses

  1. Edit: They were playing the 1812 overture before when I used it. Crickey.

  2. It’s a loo for the disabled! The Headmaster has spent Building Program funds and converted the money.

  3. Inspite of all the principal’s hang ups, he’s actually put the money to good use. An English centre for teaching, new loos, and a truck load of computer equipment. The only thing I can question is the installation of the elevator.

  4. […] spared at remodelling this toilet, but not quite the five-star rating as with the loo in an Elementary school in the void, nor did any other public lavy in Okcheon come close to the super loo, also seen in the […]

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