Palmerston North, the trigger for laughter

Three years of my life wasted in Palmerston-bloody-North!
Eric, OF, S5 E18

I was cracking up when I heard those lines. Maybe it was also the effects of the Asahi beer I was drinking at the time. I laughed especially hard because I lived there for 5 years while I was a student.

I did my Science degree in Palmerston North, at Massey University. It took me 4 1/2 years to finish. At the end of academic year, the place emptied of students, leaving it a ghost town.

Palmerston North is damp and rainy in the Winter time, hot and dry in the Summer. Once a month on weekends, farm hands come to “the big smoke” to stock up on supplies, get drunk and stare at anything vaguely outside of that’s of their sphere of experience. You can tell who’s a cow-cocky by their gumboots, utes and/or Jap import sports car.

It’s population of boy racers is unmatched, only by Napier in the Hawkes bay. I really don’t know why Palmy has more Boy-racers per capita. Quite possibly it’s the amount of managers they have. I’m sure that there are other places in the world like Palmerston North.

Palmerston North, for all it’s faults, can be a bit boring. I’m not the only one. John Cleese agrees.

7 Responses

  1. ‘cow-cocky’?

  2. Farm hand. Someone who works with cows. I’m sorry but I don’t know the etymology of the term.

  3. God, I’d never have guessed that was the meaning. I work with a cow too, but she prefers to call herself a producer.

  4. The word ‘Producer’ sounds like a rather hollow title. Producers, make (Produce) things. She may well produce a lot of stomach acid.

  5. Your blog is so informative … ..I just bookmarked you….keep up the good work!!!!

  6. Your blog is indeed a vast repository of knowledge. Wikipedia is quite right to quiver in its electronic pants.

    Anyway, the term ‘producer’ definitely does not mean the same thing in this part of the world. They’re basically a form of middle-management in the tv industry. Consider that the ADs in my company are nothing more than dogsbodies and they’re only one step further down. All a bit like the ‘airport limousine’.

    Stomach acid reminds me of The Goodies episode ‘The Stone Age’ – since I watched it on Friday – where the guys nearly get digested by a Tyrannosaurus.

    ‘Now I wonder if there’s a way I could get up its nose.’

    ‘With the very greatest of ease, I should think. You get up mine, mate and all!’

    • An AD is just one of those Korean segments of English language cobbled together. Middle management, are what lower ranks in the armed forces are to the enlisted ranks. So in your case, you may well be talking about a ‘bad lieutenant’.

      Repository of knowledge? More like an Op shop full of cast-offs that are of selective use to somebody.

      The poster was marked as ‘Spam’ by the filters and only made the cut after I trimmed off the spam website, from the spam-blogger. He was just trying to pitch his website. In future I may well hit the delete button without any requisites altogether.

      I remember that episode. I think they did find the lost explorer, and they were finally ejected from the dinosaur when Grahame tickles the dino’s uvala.

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