Only a belt sander can smooth over the roughness, subtlety not being their strong point

It’s probably the worst sort of Korean I could come across. I’ve always thought that the Koreans were a bit ‘culturally slow’. Yesterdays encounter proved it. It always tends to be the older generation, who insist on ignoring me since I’ve never been introduced.
It-is-so-f**king-annoying. A prime example being an older male teacher at the school, who obviously thought he is king of the roost. Clearly I was standing next to him, clearly I was talking to my contact teacher there. link. He had to know who I was, but insisted on talking to my contact teacher.

Some of my feelings at the time can be surmised by the following quotes:

It’s a Samoan, young guy, dick thing – Falani, Outrageous fortune, S5 E16
Clearly I’d have to modify the quote to fit, but the intent is clear.
You’re a dick – Wolverine, X-men
Nah, he’s not going to get it.

On their part it’s insecurity, passive-aggressiveness, xenophobia, even ignorance or all of the above. It’s the rougher side of the culture, something I hope that they’ll smooth over with time.

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