Red hot tarts, too delicious for words

I finally took the chance to eat egg tarts from KFC here in Korea. The first time I tasted them was in China. Weight for weight I have to say that the egg tarts in China tasted better. The experience eating the ones made in Korea, I would have to blame myself for being too eager to devour the treat. The tarts were fresh out of the oven. Molten custard stuck to the roof of my mouth, necessitating a quick sip of sprite not only to cool it off, but to also detach it from my palette. Ouch. Feeling the area with my tongue, it tastes a bit burnt. Tasty but deadly. 😛

5 Responses

  1. Egg tarts at KFC! intriging. Love to try one. But I do think the ones you got are burnt. When you go yum char, the egg tarts you get wouldn’t look like that. If is was I think no one would come to your restaurant. You know what I think those egg tarts look more like a cream brulee.

    • Strangely enough, the ones for yum char, I’ve tried less often, so I would have to say that though both are set type custards, the KFC has more sugar in it; and yes, it may well have been in too long.

  2. From underage car tarts to overcooked egg tarts – the symmetry could not be more perfect. Don’t mind egg tarts myself as it happens, although proper custard tarts…god I miss those.

    • The subject of custard gives me so much breadth to write about. Bottom’s Richard Rich and Eddie Hitler played the ‘hold as much custard in your underpants competition’; and some of my students have brains made of custard.

      I have some custard powder, and even vanilla essence to boot. If you bring the tart, I’ll supply the custard.

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