Euro-vision contestant wins disapproval of Principal

My co-teacher had decided to make the best use of the amplifier and microphone. Once she’d run through all the kids songs, she then started going through the adult list.
I joked to my fellow teacher that it would annoy a lot of people (in a funny way) if they piped it through the school intercom.

It had me plugging my ears and leaving the room for a respite. It must have gone on for more than 20 minutes because we got a visit from our neighbors, namely the Principal. He did speak this time, to my KET. It wasn’t his turf per se, so he was very restrained about it.


4 Responses

  1. What kind of songs are we talking about? Nice, big screen, by the way.

    • All the songs were in English. She kicked off with some kids songs, then went into Kareoke mode, one song was by Abba, the rest sort of merged into the static.

      The screen in question is an an eboard with the image being projected onto it. Yeah, I like the screen too, but I’m not sure what the maximum resolution is.

  2. “u can take of a fairy tale” ???? Huh ??

  3. They were the lyrics to the song she was singing.

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