A frenzied state of cleanliness equals 36.8 degrees

Just say ah...

Just say ah...

And just as well. The Principal, Vice-principal and some other body were at the front entrance of the school, surpervising something when I pulled in for work. I was quickly directed to have my temperature measured. If the said temperature wasn’t approved, I think the circle of supervision would have widened dramatically. Just another reason to avoid even speaking to the native teacher. Not that the Principal of the school says anything at all. He’s a little bit too stoic for my liking.

But also seen (and smelt) at other schools was the cleaning of ledges and the loos. You could actually tell where they’ve cleaned because you could smell the isopropyl alcohol in the cleaning agent. Now if only you could get the students to cover their mouths when they sneezed we’d be in the clear.

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  2. […] clean. The only downside to all this is that my temperature hasn’t hit the critical threshold of 37.6 degrees Celsius. No sick day off, only rivers of snot flowing out from within. Where’s my day off? Possibly […]

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