These diarists aren’t Anne Frank

I swear that if you took the Oxford English Dictionary, detonated a stick of dynamite in it and then stuck the pieces back together randomly you’d get something that vaguely resembles the sort of diary entries that my students have written. Reading the diaries is like reading normal English text except that it’s been written backwards, and I read it while hanging suspended from the ceiling, upside-down. I feel like the gestapo in some way, correcting their sentence constuction. Maybe I’m just a grammar Nazi.

Some entries are okay, but some are making me feel the urge to throw myself on my pen, or maybe the student who wrote it.

The diary of Anne Frank
Anne Frank

6 Responses

  1. Hah! Now you know how I feel reading your emails. Especially in the early days – some of them were like Rorshach paintings. Get thee to a mirror and hold off from casting that first stone. I go now to bathe in the sweet waters of vindication.

  2. Putting your Catholic education to excellent use.

    Rorshach! Cmon, those email were at least a Salvador Dali.

  3. Really? Great, let’s print one out and stick it in a gallery. But if we have to mug the punters for their money instead of it being given away willingly for said masterpiece, then you’ll know I was right.

  4. I’ll get a blackjack then.

  5. maybe ya student is dyslexic…… ?

  6. No.

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