The monster from the deep only cost 100 won

The guy I watched, had almost landed it when the tail hit the back of the machine and the lobster tumbled back into the water. I’ve seen books sold from a vending machine, but this is the first time I’ve seen one that sold live lobster as a game of skill.

4 Responses

  1. So you win the lobster, then what? Or is there like a deep fryer next to the tank and you just swing the grappler round, plop the lobster in and then 5 minutes later, instant fish supper?

  2. Sadly no. They didn’t even have a sous chef standing by to cook it for you.

  3. There are machines like this in Japan, especially in places where they sell sea food, they have ones with crabs in them. Its a new idea, live lobster instead fluffy toys, that you can’t use for anything (I’m a practical person. At least you can eat this, or maybe not (not sure how long that lobsters been there…)

  4. The machine was imported from Japan, as I’d seen the type of machine in another blog. Can’t remember which one though…

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