Look beyond the superficial, death only has four blades and a motor

Koreans verermently believe that if you go to sleep, in a sealed room (windows closed) with an electric fan going, you will die.

It’s then rather odd that I spend most Summers doing just that. The closed windows keep out the mossies, and the fan is to keep me cool. Some mornings I’ve woken up in a sweat. Koreans have erroneously linked the death of a person with his death.
One Summer, there was a spate of deaths, all of them attributed to sleeping with a fan on.

Please. Logically, the individuals who died would have from dehydration, or heat stress, or a number of other culminating factors. Electric fans not inclusive.

3 Responses

  1. if they say you can die from have your fan on, then wouldn’t it be the same if you left your air conditioning on? Ridiculous linkage of deaths by Koreans.

  2. Some Koreans actually believe the same with air conditioning too.

    Koreans have a redeeming feature of doing as they’re told, very faithfully. Since word came on down from the government level about fan death, the Korean population as a whole beleives it…

    Individual thought must be such a rarity here.

  3. […] bad that I’ve had to direct the wave of air from the fan over my head and upper body. Bucking local superstition while keeping cool. […]

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