Up the Su-jeong san, trying to catch a butterfly

An afternoon’s random walk around Eumseong lead me to go up a hill just outside of the township. I couldn’t see (or photograph for that matter) the town on account of the trees. The summit was decked out with grass, two bench seats with no backs, a signboard extolling the local history, and a few random rocks. I sat recovering from my efforts to get to the top, enjoying the open space and quiet. Until I spied three middle aged women following the same trail up as I had climbed. We said our hellos and they continued on down a side track.

On the meadow at the top there fluttered a few butterflies. Not being one to miss a photo opportunity, I must have spent at least 10 minutes trying to capture a decent photograph of the yellow butterfly in flight. Being smaller than airplanes and birds, getting enough butterfly to fill the frame proved to be problematic. The result is what you see before you.