Car tart, hatchback slapper

It was one of those numerous trips to Yongsan electronic market. Having found nothing of what I wanted, Ben and I just kicked back to enjoy a beer and to watch the goings on. The “exhibition area” that day was marked out like a ship with life rings, and skinny korean girls were decked out in dishy sailor suits. Even the guys looked like girls, metro-sexual as they were.

Well the good ship ‘Cass’ (a beer label) was untidily organised and went down like it’s namesake; thinly disguised and lacking substance.

What was happening upstairs was being vaguely parallelled by what was happening downstairs. GM-DAEWOO had released a new car, and to herald the new sled, it had been sent with a chick to accompany it. She must have been there on the revolving platform for at least 2 hours. The geek squad were quietly salivating, their zoom lenses must have been near the limit of it’s zoom.

9 Responses

  1. Yeah, you get to remember the trip for the Hyundae hooker and I get to remember it for paying a member of the mute God squad to leave me alone and then being baled up in a train carriage all the way back to Bupyeong having Bible passages read to me by a Jehovah’s Witness. No doubt if I’d stayed with you for dinner I’d have gone the trifecta and run into a couple of Mormons.

  2. I remember that moment precisely. What I should have said was ‘Jesus loves you’ as a way of farewell, then they might have left you alone. They only prey upon the unconverted.

    Twice in one carriage. That *is* bad luck. In a veratable baptism of fire I do believe you have atoned for your sins.

    Bless you my son. 😀

  3. Well, in this world, anything goes and one thing is, sex sells. I was shopping the other day and came across MAX. They had a poster of two clothed females in “Max” clothes and lying between them a naked guy (with his private bit covered).

  4. Caught your attention then? The car chick was there for another reason; take a photo of her, with the car in the background. Hey, presto, your own self-made car advert.

  5. General Motors is a Mack Daddy! You don’t get your car campaign started… :-0

  6. Your urban dictionary is bigger than mine! I had to look that sucker up.

    MACK DADDY = ultra pimp.


  7. i think doug learnt everything about pimping from a pastor and his sunday sermons… not kidding.

  8. beep beep! leng loi!!! 😛 😛

    jase, after all that’s said & done, u DID take a picture of her too !! hehehe… she’s quite cute but looks a bit underaged LOL

  9. Just skinny. As the Aussies might say, “throw that girl a steak!”

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