Airport layovers and stop overs, I’m not taking it lying down

When I was a student I went to Christchurch to particpate in the Student games. Massey won the team Épeé competition, and by some miracle I manage to win the beginners climbing comp. There was all of two people.

Flushed with success but with nothing to do, I headed off to the airport four hours early. I can tell you from experience there was bugger all to do. There was an ATM machine to play with, but for some reason, it kept on winning.

My wife has gone off to Incheon airport for a 4am flight back to Shenyang. She’d told me that she would be watching movies that she’d downloaded beforehand. So she’s going to spend the time waiting cuddling up to the power outlet.

But perhaps the star award goes to this guy I’d met on the training course. He’d spent overnight in Seoul station, waiting for the early train to Daejeon. That’s bum central. They didn’t bother him, all they did was play cards. He said that he refused to get a hotel room for just 5 hours.

Given a five hour layover, what would you do?

2 Responses

  1. I would as the guy you meet on your training course, stay at the station or where you may be and be a bum for the night. So as long as I know its safe, if not then I would fork out the $ and stay at a hotel. I would most likely stay at an airport, not a train/bus/ferry station. COz airports to me have higher security and sullivance and I know there will be people there 24/7.

  2. True enough. You have to choose what you would do according to your comfort zone, and of course, safety.

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