New lappy, VISTA was slow to respond

Imagine the great anticipation when Jiang told me My laptop had finally been delivered. All shiny and mostly black (and devoid of fingerprints) it worked perfectly. I even got a choice of language for the OS, (naturally I choose English). Playing games was no sweat for this machine, it’s so nice to have a fast computer. But here the first problem cropped up. The DVD drive on my much vaunted and expensive laptop simply stopped working. It wasn’t ejecting, there wasn’t even an icon in ‘my computer’. A brand new laptop with a busted optical drive and a help desk that spoke a foreign tongue. This was heart attack material.

Desparately seeking a driver programme for it over the internet, I looked high and low though forums, performing a scan which turned up nothing. I went to bed knowing that I had until Monday to ‘fix it’, as Jiang was going away on the Wednesday.

Waking up the next day the laptop had gone to sleep after the newly installed software had finished its scan. It was working again. What ever I’d done the OS had time to sort it self. Or maybe it sensed the evil thoughts that I had ruminating before going to bed and lost it’s subborn streak. Gaming sessions awaits, so does sore shoulders and overuse syndrome.

2 Responses

  1. […] things take a while for me to use. I’ve been sitting on this piece of tech since I got my new laptop. It actually came bundled with the laptop, but it’s taken me this long to fill up the photo […]

  2. […] the for the colour, unstylish. It tended to scream geek. In comparison, the Asus bag I got with my past gaming computer is much more stylish. I have no problem being a geek, as I’m often called upon to help out […]

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