Inadequet drainage, we had to order out

.raining cats and dogs
It’s the rainy season in South Korea, and it was pouring. The deck to my apartment is a concrete bath ensuring that any torrent of rain is retained and appreciated by the occupants. It wasn’t too bad when I walked through, but afterwards, when I got in it literally came down in buckets.

There must have been about 2 inches on the deck when I walked outside to receive our fast food order of chicken. The delivery guy met me at the bottom of the stairs to our appartment. The rain was that heavy.

4 Responses

  1. chicken! maybe it’s time for spicy kfc mmmmmm

  2. Let’s go swimming.

  3. I can’t help but think of all those people at the Boryeong mud festival. You wanted mud? You GOT mud, suckers! Heh heh heh.

    Anyway, yeah…I remember going home on Tuesday with this pathetic $10 umbrella – the small one that opens when you press the button. It’s the kind of umbrella that ensures only your hair stays dry, so you may as well just walk around wearing a shower cap and be done with it. The rain is pelting down eyeball-sized chunks of water, but, with careful maneuvering of this tiny black nylon octagon, I’m keeping it off me. Just as I’m walking through the car park to my apartment, a wind grabs the rain up and fires it at me sideways like a hail of bullets. Now I’m standing there glaring up at the sky with my shoes full of water and my pants like some kind of baggy, drenched windsock. ‘All right, all right! So I took the *wrong* umbrella this morning. So I didn’t take Big Bertha – the one that pokes people’s eyes out from 3 meters away and can be used as a makeshift fencepost – you don’t have to rub it in, you bastard!’ Note to self: never curse at the weather in public.

  4. 500 of out 1500 people got some sort of skin disease. That’s 33%. There’s definitely something going round there!

    Well, I too got caught in that deluge. I was able to borrow an umbrella fromt he school (it was lost proerty) and made it home. Had there been more water I figure I would have had to swim.

    My apartment backs out on to a large hillside and farmers plots. Guess what the water washed off into the street? A good portion of the soil out on to the road.

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