7000 hits, a Y360 farewell

Yahoo stats july 14 10.53am

Yahoo stats july 14 10.53am

Yahoo 360 was perhaps one of the easiest blogs to use unlike Xanga which was the hardest to get right.

It was a great aid to venting my spleen in a semi-public space. I’ve documented moans and gripes, successes and humour, foul-ups and culture.

Alas Yahoo’s reign was short-lived, it’s expansionist ideals fell short of what it wanted. It failed to deliver the service it had given us in the early days. Good-bye Y360, it’s been great.

5 Responses

  1. Hey Jase, whats with the flea looking thing that you have assigned next to my name. I think its because I don’t have a picture. Please give me another picture 🙂

  2. The avatars have been set to ‘monster’ avatar. These are automatically generated, I tend to think yours looks like a jellybean trying to have hair.

    You can upload your picure on the settings page.

  3. Hey u can see ben’s pic in there!

    Yeah I liked yahoo360…byebyes!

    Susie, i feel like squishing that flea thing with my nail!

  4. Actually, I don’t like yahoo 360 .. haha because I get error messages so often! I get irritated actually ..

  5. Too right Sze! Yahoo did get things right in the end, but they closed it down. Gah.

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