Soldier of fortune, the potential for insurgent action was high

french foreign legion

The thoughts of ‘ABORT’ paraded across my head in ticker-tape fashion. I had just been told that I’d be teaching first and second graders Elementary at the camp. Not in the least like Guantanimo bay, but the insurgents being of a known quantity.

The SAS style CELTA training that I’d done in some way prepared me for it, it had been designed in dealing with unconvential warfare, but lets face it; CELTA is for adult students.

On the plus side, I’d have a KATUSA with me, and hopefully not just along for the ride.

One of Murphy’s laws when it comes to war is No plan survives the first contact intact. If the maxim holds true, I’d better have a few spare plans to burn.


4 Responses

  1. So when does the camp start and how long does it go for? And have you secured a hip flask for the ordeal?

  2. The cramp starts at the beginning of August. With circa 3000 students, it’s the largest Ele school I’ve had the discomfort to go to.

    If I get bumped (enemy contact), then I may have to execute my E&E (escape and evade) plan.

    As the hip flask, if it shuts the little sods up, then I’m all for it.

  3. New idea for crowd control!
    I was watching The Rolling Stones 1969 Altamont documentary “Gimme Shelter” recently and I have to hand it to the concert security provided by The Hells Angels (California Chapter, President Sonny Barger)…those guys really moved at any signs of disturbance.
    Jase, I think you can use their techniques on the first and second graders!

  4. Security wise having a few Hells Angels on my shoulder would be great. Teaching wise they’d be shit-your-pants scary and would or may limit the little tykes creative juices. It’s a thin line.

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