Sitting on the floor, censors gave it a ‘G’ rating

CITeacherKidsTalking_260The nutty thing about Korea and Japan customs is sitting on the floor. You go to any Korean restaurant and it will have you sitting on the floor, for me, not a raptuous feeling, but more of a feeling of discomfort.

In Japan it’s so stylistic that females and males sit differently, while the seiza position (knees in front with your feet tucked under your legs) is gender neutral. Even more strangely in Korea this is theĀ position given as a way of punishment. You’re being punished and are uncomfortable sitting like this. The meal exclusive of this, sitting in any position for me is pain in itself.

2 Responses

  1. I totally agree. It gives me pins and needles after a while. I wonder why they don’t like to have proper tables and chairs!!

  2. Welcome aboard Sze. It’s just part of Corean culture, but no furniture means that they have smaller houses. To compare, the Japanese go for the minimalist effect but still manage to have reasonably sized homes. Those that don’t live in big cities that is.

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