Their worst nightmare is just an inspection away


I had an inspection team come through my ‘Tuesday school’ that I teach at, an elementary school. My contact teacher there in my opinion, is¬†competent and able. She also knew what she wanted (out of me). But she also appeared nervouson at the expectation of the inspection. Koreans don’t really like criticism (or inspections). I say the quickest way to make a KET sully their underwear is to tell them they have an open-class. For me, it was just another class.

Mr Yu of the inspection team (there was also another member) made some recommendations. Not all that unkind, but also logical. The end message: use your NET more, get your students more involved.

In my opinion, my co-teacher was doing the right thing. For me, the class was just another formality, but it always gives me cause to smile when I see my co-teachers’ response.