Red ball, red hands

red and swollen

The cricket team have a big game on Sunday. A deciding game in fact. Win this game and we stay in the league. So I was practising my bowling at one of the local elementary schools. Not bad, if I do say so, the deliveries were accurate if a bit slow. Miss this ball and you’re bowled my son! It worked in the past.

But our first game was played (and lost) against last years winners, Hydristar, Pakistan. Admittedly they are tough opponents, racking up a score of 230.

I had a pretty good day in the field, intercepting the balls that came to me, with only one fielding error. My hands tell another story, both bruised, with the digits on my left hand a bit red and tender afterwards. That’s nothing compared to the other Jason on the team. He pulled a hamstring and spent the rest of the game hopping to and fro between 3rd slip.

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